October 12, 2018

Recent Buy - Fortis Inc. (Utilities)

On October 12 I opened a position in Fortis Inc. I Purchased 105 shares for 40,99 C$ per share plus commission. The total cost of the purchase was 2 878 €.

Fortis Inc. is a Dividend Aristocrat that has raised the dividend for 44 consecutive years. With current 4,14 % yield it increases my annual passive income by 118,5 €. After the purchase the weight of the Fortis Inc. is 4,5 % in my portfolio.

Fortis Inc. is a new stock in my portfolio and I finally have something from Utilities sector.


  1. Moi DD, congratulations, I think good buy, I also added a bit Fortis to my portfolio on Friday. Hopefully next week Fortis will be announce about 6% increase in dividends.


    1. Hi DH,

      Didn't even notice it's time to increase the dividend again, thanks for the info! The current yield already looks pretty tempting and another increase is a nice bonus.